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Being located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Echo.Church visual approach communicates its mission with exciting and tech-influenced graphic elements to stay relevant to its audience. Having multiple campuses, for its 10 year anniversary celebration Echo.Church wants to bring together all of their regular attendees and newcomers into one location for their biggest event yet.

I had the opportunity to collaborate with Echo.Church for its 10 year anniversary graphic design direction. Using 10 roman numeral, X, helps to make the graphic simple yet striking that aligns with Echo geometrical/linear logo style. The exciting anticipation of this big event is communicated through significant contrast of green neon color with dark grey and black. This color combination also sets the tone and direction of the the main background texture color that shows hint of our main green neon color. The texture itself displays noise pattern disruptions that constantly flows and creates its own order; visually pleasing and intriguing. 

We first approached the concept into t-shirt designs, which develop into mailers, cards, banners, as well as motion graphic. 


I came up with a couple of t-shirt design options. The development of the roman numeral X and color choices were explored mostly through this t-shirt mock ups. The t-shirt design is influenced by the current apparel trend, street-wear graphic. 

The challenge we had in creating this shirt was to convey a straightforward message of the 10 Year Anniversary. We decided to have the X numeral to stand by itself, which came up to become our main text element in all of this series graphic.

     1 - Front     

     1 - Back     

     2 - Front     

     2 - Back     


The noise pattern background is consistently used for prints and straight layout backgrounds. The 10 year anniversary is spelled out to give more details for these specs. The overall theme is set by keeping the diagonal framing element and green neon colors. 


Since the big event is held at SJSU Event Center, the print signages are design specially for this event adhering to different display specifics. These signages are essential assets for the guest experience, directing guests for event location, seating spots, guests with kids, and parking spots. 


The same noise pattern is used for the stage display shown in between speaking programs. Echo.Church provided the motion video which I further adjust to corresponds the same tone as the still background.